Will I have to attend court for my dogbite claim?

Will I have to attend court in support of my dog bite claim? Only a very small number of personal injury claims go to court. The vast majority of successful claims are settled out of court. Generally, only very complex cases or those where there is a dispute over liability end up in court. In some cases, liability may be admitted but there may be a dispute over how much compensation a Claimant should receive. In that situation, we might advise you to proceed to trial in order to try to achieve the level of compensation to which we believe you are entitled.

If there is a dispute over liability or the valuation of your claim and a court hearing is required then you will be required to attend to give evidence in support of your claim. We will arrange for you to be represented by a barrister who specialises in personal injury claims.

While we are always prepared to fight for the best outcome for you as our client, most of the time this can be achieved as a result of negotiation or arbitration. The advantage of this is that you retain more control over the outcome of your claim rather than leaving it in the hands of the court.

The vast majority of claims are settled on an amicable basis so that you receive the compensation you deserve with the minimum fuss and interruption to your life and recovery.

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