Dogbite Scarring Claim

Dogbite scarring claim. When valuing a claim for scarring as a result of having been bitten by a dog, the ranges of compensatory awards as set out in the Judicial College Guidelines can assist. The JC Guidelines contain brackets of awards based upon the severity and location of the scarring.

Many physical injuries will result in scarring and such will be taken into account when valuing the injury. If the scarring is the main injury, then the level of award will be determined by whether the scarring is to the face or not usually visible; less visible disfigurement will attract a lower award.

Your compensation is determined by the extent and permanence of the scarring, how this has affected you, and the long-term prognosis.

A single noticeable scar or several superficial scars,  to the legs, arms, or hands with some minor cosmetic deficit will attract an award of damages somewhere in the region between £2,220 – £7,350.

Awards for several noticeable laceration scars or a single disfiguring scar to the legs, hands, back or chest will attract an award of damages in the region of between £7,350 – £21,330.

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