Dog bite to a child

Dog bite to a child. Children are particularly vulnerable when it comes to dog attacks. Their lack of self-awareness and limited experience of danger can make them more susceptible to attack. They can make them an easy victim, less able to fight back. The injuries sustained, due to their size, can be far more serious.

If your child has been attacked by a dog we can help. Your child may be entitled to compensation. Compensation can be claimed for injuries, physical and psychological, as well as financial losses that may be incurred.

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Making a claim for a dog bite to a child.

If the intention is for the injured party to bring a claim before they reach 18, they will need someone else to bring the claim on their behalf. This is usually in the form of a parent or guardian who acts as the “litigation friend”. The litigation friend provides instructions to the solicitor and generally acts in the best interest of the child.

Court approval of the settlement

If the injured party is still a minor when the case is concluded then it must go before the court for approval of the settlement figure. This is to ensure that the child receives adequate compensation for the injuries and loss.

This is a straightforward procedure where the court may ask the child a few questions and review the evidence. If satisfied that the award is adequate the court will make an order to that effect and the money will usually be held in the court funds office, gathering interest, until the child is 18 years of age.

If the child turns 18 during the course of the claim they will then take charge of the matter. The litigation friend will be discharged from their duties and responsibilities.

At any time prior to the child receiving payment upon becoming 18, the litigation friend can apply to the court for payment out of part of the damages which are being held. This must be for the betterment of the child such as the purchase of a home computer, educational school trip etc.

What can I claim for a dog bite to a child?

As in all personal injury claims, the injured party can seek compensation in relation to their injuries and financial losses.

The injuries can include physical injury, scarring as well as psychological injury. Medical evidence will be obtained to support and assist in the valuation of injury sustained.

The financial losses can include the cost of any future treatment that the child may need. This can include reconstructive surgery, cover-up creams et cetera.

If the attack is such that it is of a serious nature then we would look to arrange rehabilitation so to ensure that support is in place from the outset.

Full details of losses that can be recovered can be found here.

What will cost to bring my claim for a dog bite to a child?

We have a number of funding options available to allow you to bring your claim.

If we think that your claim has more than a 51% chance of success we are happy to deal with such on a no win-no fee basis. This means that we agree to act for you on the basis that, as long as you abide by our terms and conditions, we will not charge you for the work we have done on your behalf if the claim is not successful.

If your claim is successful we would look to retain 25% plus the vat on that figure to cover our costs.

Full details in relation to funding your claim can be found here.

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