CICA dog bite claim

CICA dog bite claim. To bring a successful civil claim the very minimal requirement is that we know the owner of the dog. Thereafter we would need evidence that they had the appropriate insurance to satisfy any judgment or claim brought against them. This can include both pet insurance and household insurance.

If there is no insurance in place it may be possible to bring a claim against the individual. They will need to have sufficient assets to justify bringing the claim otherwise, you will not receive any compensation.

Unfortunately, there will be cases whereby there is no insurance and the owner has insufficient assets. In such cases, it would be unlikely that we could take the matter further.

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Applying for a CICA dog bite claim

It may, in certain circumstances, be possible to receive a compensatory award from the criminal injuries compensation authority (CICA). The CICA is a government-funded organisation that makes payments to the victims of violent crime. Subject to the following criteria, this includes the victims of dog bites.

For an application to CICA to be successful, you will need to show that you were the victim of a crime of violence. It is not enough to show that the owner failed to manage control of the dog.  There has to be deliberate intent and that this led to your injuries.

You will need to show that the owner deliberately set the dog upon you with the intention of causing you harm and that the dog was being used for that purpose. Alternatively,  the CICA may consider making an award if the person who had control of the dog intended for you to be harmed and engineered a situation where such harm could arise.

Such claims are not straightforward due to the need to show intent on the part of the dog owner.

What awards are made by the CICA

If you want to bring a civil claim against an individual your level of compensation would be pet based on your specific injuries and how they have impacted upon you.

The CICA works on a different basis and has a tariff system that is broken down into dozens of different types of injury and the severity of that injury. The CICA will obtain medical information in relation to your injuries. This is then used to place you into one of the categories of injury. This will determine the amount of compensation you receive.

Typically, the level of award awarded by the CICA is less than one would recover in a straightforward personal injury claim against an individual/insurance company.

In addition, the CICA only recognises the first three injuries. They pay 100% for the most serious injury, 30% for the second, and 15% for the third lowest-value injury. There is no further award after that.

Lost income

In a civil claim, you will receive lost income from the first day you are absent. Payment is based on your net lost income. The CICA does not make payment for the first 28 weeks of your absence and even after that period, the maximum they will pay is the statutory sick pay level in place at the time of your absence.

Overall it is always to your advantage if you can bring a claim against an individual’s insurers.

Making your application to the criminal injuries compensation authority.

You do not need legal representation to make an application for an award and the CICA can be contacted at . If, the injuries are serious and you want to make sure that you receive all that you are due then we are happy to act on your behalf. Subject to a full assessment of your claim WE act on a no win-no fee basis.  This means that If your claim is not successful you will not pay for the work we have done on your behalf.

The CICA does not pay legal costs in addition to any award of compensation that it makes. If your application is successful, we would look to retain 25% plus the VAT thereon of any award received.

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CICA dog bite claim