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Dogbite Hand Injury Claim. One of the most common injuries sustained by those working within the postal and delivery industries involves injuries to the hand and fingers. Of course, these types of injuries can also happen to anyone who meets a dog whilst in the course of visiting other premises.

Hand injuries can occur when fingers enter a letterbox with a dog on the other side of the door in the course of fending off an attack. Injuries can range from a laceration to tendon and muscle damage, to the loss of part or all of a finger. Such an injury can be debilitating and place restrictions upon the employment and activity of the individual affected.

As well as the physical injury itself, in some circumstances, the bite can lead to infection. The most common inflammatory reactions are pain, swelling, erythema and, cellulitis.

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If you have been bitten by a dog and sustained an injury to your hand and/or fingers, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

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Valuing a dog bite hand injury

The valuation of a claim depends upon the injuries sustained and the impact these have on the life of the injured party. We measure this by obtaining a medical report from an independent medical expert in support of the claim.

When considering the level of compensation that is appropriate for your injury, your lawyer will make reference to awards made in past cases with similar injuries as well as reviewing the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). The JCG sets out the injury, the degree of such, and the valuation bracket.

Injuries to the dominant hand are likely to attract awards from the upper end of the bracket.

JCG (edition 15)

(a) Total or Effective Loss of Both Hands

Serious injury resulting in extensive damage to both hands such as to render them little more than useless. The top of the bracket is applicable where no effective prosthesis can be used.

£132,040 to £189,110

(b) Serious Damage to Both Hands

Such injuries will have given rise to permanent cosmetic disability and significant loss of function.



£52,310 to £79,360

(c) Total or Effective Loss of One Hand

This bracket will apply to a hand which was crushed and thereafter surgically amputated or where all fingers and most of the palm have been traumatically amputated. The upper end of the bracket is indicated where the hand so damaged was the dominant one.

£90,250 to £102,890

(d) Amputation of Index and Middle and/or Ring Fingers

The hand will have been rendered of very little use and such grip as remains will be exceedingly weak.

£58,100 to £85,170

(e) Serious Hand Injuries

Such injuries will, for example, have reduced the hand to about 50 per cent capacity. Included would be cases where several fingers have been amputated but rejoined to the hand leaving it clawed, clumsy, and unsightly, or amputation of some fingers together with part of the palm resulting in gross diminution of grip and dexterity and gross cosmetic disfigurement.

£27,220 to £58,100

(f) Severe Fractures to Fingers

These may lead to partial amputations and result in deformity, impairment of grip, reduced mechanical function, and disturbed sensation.

Up to £34,480

(g) Less Serious Hand Injury

Such as a severe crush injury resulting in significantly impaired function without future surgery or despite operative treatment undergone.

£13,570 to £27,220

(h) Moderate Hand Injury

Crush injuries, penetrating wounds, soft tissue type and deep lacerations. The top of the bracket would be appropriate where surgery has failed and permanent disability remains. The bottom of the bracket would be appropriate for permanent but non-intrusive symptoms.

£5,260 to £12,460

(i) Total and Partial Loss of Index Finger

Total loss will likely result in an award at the top end of the bracket.

This bracket also covers cases of injury to the index finger giving rise to disfigurement and impairment of grip or dexterity.

£11,420 to £17,590

(j) Fracture of Index Finger

This level is appropriate where a fracture has mended quickly but grip has remained impaired, there is pain on heavy use, and osteoarthritis is likely in due course.

£8,550 to £11,480

(k) Serious Injury to Ring or Middle Fingers

Fractures or serious injury to tendons causing stiffness, deformity, and permanent loss of grip or dexterity will fall within this bracket. This bracket will include awards for total loss of middle finger.

£13,970 to £15,330

(l) Loss of the Terminal Phalanx of the Ring or Middle Fingers

£3,710 to £7,390

(m) Amputation of Little Finger

£8,110 to £11,490

(n) Loss of Part of the Little Finger

This is appropriate where the remaining tip is sensitive.

£3,710 to £5,500

(o) Amputation of Ring and Little Fingers

In the region of £20,480

(p) Amputation of the Terminal Phalanges of the Index and Middle Fingers

Such injury will involve scarring, restriction of movement, and impairment of grip and fine handling.

In the region of £23,460

(q) Loss of Thumb

£33,330 to £51,460

(r) Very Serious Injury to Thumb

This bracket is appropriate where the thumb has been severed at the base and grafted back leaving a virtually useless and deformed digit, or where the thumb has been amputated through the interphalangeal joint.

£18,390 to £32,850

(s) Serious Injury to the Thumb

Such injuries may involve amputation of the tip, nerve damage or fracture necessitating the insertion of wires as a result of which the thumb is cold and ultra-sensitive and there is impaired grip and loss of manual dexterity.

£11,820 to £15,740

(t) Moderate Injuries to the Thumb

These are injuries such as those necessitating arthrodesis of the interphalangeal joint or causing damage to tendons or nerves. Such injuries result in impairment of sensation and function and cosmetic deformity.

£9,080 to £11,820

(u) Severe Dislocation of the Thumb

£3,710 to £6,360

(v) Minor Hand, Finger and Thumb Injuries

This will include fractures that generally have recovered in six months. Also injuries such as scarring, tenderness, and reaction to the cold where there is full recovery.

Up to £4,461

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Hand injury from a dog bite