Dogbite Facial Scarring Claim

Dog bite facial scarring claim. Facial injuries resulting from a dog bite can result in skeletal damage, extensive scarring, and consequential psychological trauma.

Often the victims are small children who, due to their shorter stature, are more likely to receive bites to the face and head.

All aspects of the injury will be considered when valuing an injury of this nature and reference is made to the Judicial College Guidelines.

The main aspects to consider when calculating the level of compensation for facial injuries or skeletal injuries which can lead to disfigurement with an impact on the cosmetic appearance of the face.

The past practice of valuing female scarring at a higher level than male scarring has in recent years been put aside and no distinction is now made between the sexes when it comes to assessing injuries.

Severe disfigurement can also lead to a severe psychological reaction. Additional compensation for psychological trauma can also be recovered as part of the overall compensation levels.

Skeletal Injuries

(a) Le Fort Fractures of Frontal Facial Bones

£22,350 to £34,480

(b) Multiple Fractures of Facial Bones

Involving some facial deformity of a permanent nature.

£13,970 to £22,470

(c) Fractures of Nose or Nasal Complex

(i) Serious or multiple fractures requiring a number of operations and/or resulting in permanent damage to airways, difficulty breathing, and/ or nerves or tear ducts and/or facial deformity.

£990 to £21,700

(ii) Displaced fracture where recovery complete but only after surgery.

£3,710 to £4,790

(iii) Displaced fracture requiring no more than manipulation.

£2,370 to £2,960

(iv) Simple undisplaced fracture with full recovery.

£1,600 to £2,370

(d) Fractures of Cheekbones

(i) Serious fractures requiring surgery but with lasting consequences such as paraesthesia in the cheeks or the lips or some element of disfigurement.

£9,570 to £14,810

(ii) Simple fracture of cheekbones for which some reconstructive surgery is necessary but from which there is a complete recovery with no or only minimal cosmetic effects.

£4,080 to £6,060

(iii) Simple fracture of cheekbone for which no surgery is required and where a complete recovery is effected.

£2,180 to £2,810

(e) Fractures of Jaws

(i) Very serious multiple fractures followed by prolonged treatment and permanent consequences, including severe pain, restriction in eating, paraesthesia, and/or the risk of arthritis in the joints.

£28,610 to £42,730

(ii) Serious fracture with permanent consequences such as difficulty in opening the mouth or with eating or where there is paraesthesia in the area of the jaw.

£16,860 to £28,610

(iii) Simple fracture requiring immobilization but from which recovery is complete.

£6,060 – £8,200

Facial Disfigurement

In this class of case a number of common factors fall to be considered:

  • the nature of the underlying injury which has resulted in facial disfigurement;
  • the nature and extent of treatment;
  • the nature and extent of the residual scarring or disfigurement;
  • the age of the claimant;
  • the subjective impact of the disfigurement upon the claimant including the extent to which they valued their appearance;
  • the extent to which the injury adversely affects the claimant’s social, domestic, and work lives;
  • the psychological impact upon the claimant, which in severe cases may be very substantial.

As explained earlier, it is doubtful that gender alone can justify different levels of award.

Very Severe Scarring

In relatively young claimants (typically teens to early 30s), where the cosmetic effect is very disfiguring and the psychological reaction severe.

£27,940 to £91,350

Less Severe Scarring

Where the disfigurement is still substantial and where there is a significant psychological reaction.

£16,860 to £45,440

Significant Scarring

Where the use of plastic surgery has reduced the cosmetic disability and there has been a good recovery from or limited psychological reaction. This bracket includes cases where the scarring is visible at conversational distance.

£8,550 – £28,240

Less Significant Scarring

Where one scar, or a number of very small scars, that can be camouflaged where the overall effect does not markedly impact upon the appearance of the injured party and the reaction to such is that expected of an ordinarily sensitive young person.

£3,710 to £12,900

Trivial Scarring

In these cases, the effect is minor only.

£1,600 to £3,310

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