Road traffic accident involving horses

There are few horse riders who would choose to hack on a road, but unfortunately the lack of accessible bridleways, or the need to access these bridleways by public road, means that they have no choice. Horse riders do, however, need to ensure they behave in a safe way on public roads and have regard to cars and pedestrians around them. Equally, motorists and pedestrians need to have awareness of the horse, and drive appropriately for the conditions the road presents.

If you have suffered injuries in a road traffic accident involving a horse, whether as a rider of the horse, or because of a horse, we may be able to help you

Bringing claims for injuries caused by horses is a complex area of law and they are not usually straightforward nor easy to pursue. Therefore, it is important to seek specialist legal advice. We are experienced in this specialist area and have a proven track record of successfully perusing these types of claims.

We will look to claim damages and compensation arising from the incident to ensure that you are put in the position you were before the incident.

This can include:

  • Compensation for your injuries, both mental and physical
  • Treatment costs
  • Lost earnings
  • Care and help provided by family and friends while you are recovering
  • Clothing and other property damaged in the incident
  • Any other losses resulting from the accident.

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