Riding school accident claims

Riding as a sport or hobby is very popular in the UK but with it comes risk of injury and loss.

If you suffer injury as a result of a fall, kick, bite or crush, arising out of an avoidable risk (therefore someone’s negligence) then you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

Horse riding is not a risk free activity, and all who participate in the activity know, or ought to know of the risks involved and take steps to minimise the risk of injury by wearing appropriate protective clothing and equipment and, if required, riding out under supervision.

However, and despite your efforts to ensure your safety, incidents can arise that leads to you suffering an injury and associated losses.

If this loss is as a result of the negligence of another party then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Accidents can happen at a riding school due to:

  • Unsuitable/ badly maintained arenas or riding areas
  • Badly or unsupervised lessons
  • Inexperienced instructors
  • Unsuitable horses for the rider’s capabilities/size/experience
  • Allowing you into areas with horses where you should not be (stable/field) and which you are not experienced enough to be.
  • Defective horse equipment- this could include a badly fitting saddle, a girth which is not tight enough, a bridle or reins which break, the wrong bit being used for that horse
  • Defective hat provided by the riding school
  • Road traffic accidents whilst hacking with the riding school

If the accident was not your fault and it can be shown that it was caused by the negligence of another party then we can help you make a your claim.

We will look to claim damages and compensation arising from the incident to ensure that you are put in the position you were before the incident.

​We will look to claim:

  • Compensation for your injuries, both mental and physical
  • Treatment costs
  • Lost earnings
  • Care and help provided by family and friends while you are recovering
  • Clothing and other property damaged in the incident
  • Any other losses resulting from the accident.

Bringing claims for injuries caused by horses is a complex area of law and they are not usually straightforward nor easy to pursue. Therefore, it is important to seek specialist legal advice. We are experienced in this specialist area and have a proven track record of successfully perusing these types of claims.

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