Criminal Matters

Criminal prosecution in relation to your dog.

Have you received a summons to attend magistrates Court? If you have been accused of having a dog dangerously out of control or owning a prohibited dog, it is important that you contact us without delay. Our criminal team has a proven track record of successfully defending these types of cases.

Dangerous dogs and banned breeds

The most common prosecution is for owning either a dangerous dog or one on the current list of banned breeds.

We are able to represent and defend you in relation to any charges in relation to your dog’s behaviour. Your dog may have been seized because the police believe that it is on the list of banned breeds.  We can provide expert evidence to rebut the police statements and hopefully have your dog returned to you.

Other criminal prosecutions

We are also specialists in other criminal matters which may arise from ownership of your dog or horse, including being prosecuted for noise nuisance, community protection notice orders, public spaces protection orders, and animal cruelty.

How do I pay for my legal assistance

In limited circumstances, legal aid may be available, but where it is not we are happy to discuss fixed fee representation.

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