Case Studies

Bitten on the face resulting in scarring and adjustment disorder £23,000

Instructions were received from the client in relation to a dog bite that occurred as the client was a lawful visitor to the Defendant’s home. The client was acting in the course of her employment as a care worker and was walking between the Defendant’s kitchen and lounge where the Defendant’s dog was lying down on a footstool. As the client stroked the dog, it suddenly jumped up and attacked the client’s face.

Four Legs Law was instructed as the client suffered bite and scratching injuries to the face, bruising around the right eye, swelling to the right side of her face, tissue damage, and a consequential infection that required antibiotic treatment.

The client’s full claim was set out by Four Legs Law and liability was promptly admitted by the Defendant’s Insurers, albeit they considered that the client was contributory negligent in her actions in stroking the dog.

The client’s full medical records were obtained and considered, and medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, a Psychiatrist, a Plastic Surgeon, and a Camouflage Expert.

The medical evidence detailed the client’s injuries and confirmed that the client had sustained permanent scarring and an Adjustment Disorder, amongst other injuries. As the client had clearly been affected by the incident and therefore CBT treatment was arranged to facilitate her recovery.

The evidence was disclosed, and the Defendant’s Insurers made an offer to settle the whole of the claim in the sum of £23,000.00. Counsel was instructed to ensure that this was at the top end of what may be awarded at Court for the claim on a full basis (i.e not with the alleged contributory negligence applied as suggested by the Defendant at the outset).

Upon confirmation that the sum of £23,000.00 was fair Four Legs Law concluded the claim without the need for Court proceedings.

Bite to the hand requiring surgery £5000

Instructions were received from the client in relation to a dog bite. The client came to the Defendant’s door to deliver Christmas presents for the Defendant’s foster child. A friend of the family opened the front door and the Defendant’s dog ran out and bit the client on the left hand.

Four Legs Law Solicitors were instructed to recover the client’s losses as she suffered serious injuries to her left hand which required surgery and physiotherapy for 18 months. The full details of the client’s claim was set out against the Defendant. No response was initially received from the Defendant, so consideration was given to the appropriate steps.

As the Defendant was refusing to engage Court proceedings were issued which resulted in the Defendant promptly admitting liability.

Thereafter, an offer was made by the Defendant in the sum of £5,000.00 which was insufficient. The Defendant was notified of this and they made a further offer in the sum of £10,000.00 which again was too low and rejected.

Four Legs Law continued to progress the claim and obtained medical records, which were considered. Medical evidence was subsequently obtained from a Hand Surgeon who produced evidence in support of her claim and confirmed that the functionality of the client’s hand was reduced.

Meanwhile, the Court proceedings were progressing, and further details were sent to the Court detailing the full extent of the claim to include the client’s financial losses.

The Defendant made an offer of £25,000.00 to settle the claim and following confirmation from Counsel that this was a reasonable amount the claim settled in that amount and the Court proceedings were ended.